Invited Speakers



Prof. Dr. Norbert Vennemann

University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, GERMANY


Topic: Investigation of Electro-Rheological Behavior of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR)




Prof. Dr. Daniel Philippe

Université du Maine, France

Topic: Selected examples of contribution of vibrational spectroscopy to the investigation of rubber blends and composites




Prof. Dr. Liqun Zhang

Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China


Topic: New Insights into Structure and Properties of Natural Rubber & Introduction of the Development of Taraxacum kok saghyz in China




Prof. Dr. Lingxue Kong
Deakin University, Australia

Topic: Electrical Conductive Materials templated from elastic rubber paltforms




Prof. Dr. Hanafi Ismail
School of Materials & Mineral Resources Eng., USM Eng. Campus Nibong Tebal, Penang, MALAYSIA

Topic: Oil Palm Ash ( OPA) as a potential new reinforcing filler in natural rubber compounds: Properties assessment of raw OPA and treated OPA-reinforced natural rubber compounds




Dr. Frédéric Bonfils

Research, Experimentalist
CIRAD - La recherche agronomiq, Département Scientifique Performances des Systèmes de Production et de Transformation Tropicaux (PERSYST), Montpellier, France

Topic: Characterization of Natural Rubber mesostructure




Prof. Dr. Claudia Kummerlöwe
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, GERMANY

Topic: Thermoanalytical methods and their applications to characterize carbon nanotube - rubber nanocomposites




Dr. Amit Das

Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden, Dresden, GERMANY

Tempere University of Technology, Tempere, FINNLAND


Topic: In situ Alteration of Filler Structure and Development of Mechano-adaptive Rubber




Prof. Dr. Laurent Fontaine

Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans, Université du Maine, Le Mans, France

Topic: Olefin Metathesis and Rubber Chemistry : A Powerful Combo in Materials Design




Dr. Laurent Vaysse

Researcher for CIRAD-PERSYST posted in Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand Agropolymer Engineering and Emerging Technologies Joint Research Unit, Montpellier, France

Towards the identification and location of the biochemical drivers of natural rubber unique structure and properties




Prof. Dr. Jacques W.M. Noordermeer
Faculty of Engineering Technology, University of Twente,

Topic: Time-temperature superposition of viscoelastic mastercurves for silica-reinforced tyre tread compounds: Constant-strain vs. constant-stress based 






Prof. Dr. Anke Blume

Faculty of Engineering Technology, University of Twente,


Topic : Functionalized SBRs in Silica-reinforced Tire Tread Compounds: Interactions with Filler and Zinc Oxide




Prof. Dr. Chuanshuang HU

College of Materials and Energy, South China Agricultural University,
Guangzhou, China


Topic : The feasibility of manufacturing Cross laminated timbers using fast grown wood species in South China




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