Organizing Committee

Organizing Institute:


Prince of Songkla University Website:

Co-organizing Institute:

Hevea Research Platform in Partnership (HPRR)

Innovation Group, THAILAND


International co-organizing Institute:

School of Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, MALAYSIA


Associate Professor Dr. Charoen Nakason (Polymer Rheology and Processing), Prince of Songkla University (Surat Thani), THAILAND 



Professor Dr. Suda Kiatkamjornwong (Polymer Science), Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok), THAILAND  

International Advisory Board

Professor Dr.  Hanafi Ismail (Polymer Engineering), Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang), MALAYSIA


Professor Dr. Norbert Vennemann (Polymer Testing, Rubber Technology and Thermoplastic Elastomers), University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück (Osnabrück), GERMANY 

Professor Dr. Claudia Kummerlöwe (Polymer Chemistry and Analytics), University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück (Osnabrück), GERMANY

Professor Dr. Philippe Cassagnau (Rheology & Viscoelasticity, Reactive Blending (including TPV) and Reactive Extrusion), Université Claude Bernard (Lyon), FRANCE  

Professor Dr. Eric Dubreucq (Rubber biochemistry and microbiology), SupAgro, FRANCE
Dr. Frédéric Bonfils (Rubber Processing, Rubber Technology), CIRAD, FRANCE

Technical and Organizing Committee

Associate Professor Azizon Kaesaman (Polymer Science), Prince of Songkla University (Pattani), THAILAND 

Assistant professor Dr. Suwaluk Wisunthorn (Rubber Chemistry/ Rubber Technology), Prince of Songkla University (Surat Thani), THAILAND

Assistant professo Dr. Anoma Thitithammawong (Polymer Technology), Prince of Songkla University (Pattani), THAILAND

Dr. Bencha Thongnuanchan (Chemical Modification), Prince of Songkla University (Pattani), THAILAND


Dr. Ekwipoo Kalkornsurapranee, Prince of Songkla University
Dr. Skulrat Pichaiyut, Prince of Songkla University







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